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Manufacturing with dynamics NAV

Have you linked your critical business systems together to maximise margins and manufacturing controls?Have you done this across many software applications or just one?

With Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can streamline manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing demands to give your customers what they want, when they want it.

Manufacturing - screen

View current production order status, pick and putaway inventory lists, and KPIs, such as sales and profit margins - all on one screen.

Role Centres in Microsoft Dynamics NAV give you quick access to the tasks, data and reports that are relevant to your job. Enhance operational efficiency and effectively manage production with quick access to production orders, bills of material (BOMs), supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

Take advantage of a simplified manufacturing foundation that includes rapid visibility into work in progress (WIP) status and support for order-by-order work flows. You can personalise your Role Centre based on business needs and monitor critical business processes in a dashboard view.

You can also gain greater insight with powerful business intelligence capabilities that include a wide range of analytical and reporting tools.


View key performance indicators (KPIs), such as comparing forecasted demand with sales, or use ad-hoc reporting to gain a real-time view of shop floor workloads and then share that data, for example by using Microsoft Office Excel.

With the Report Designer in Microsoft Visual Studio, you can quickly create intuitive reports to share with multiple teams.

What do Clients say about Dynamics NAV …

We can better align our inventory with demand, which lets us reduce our stock levels for some categories by as much as 30 percent and reinvest those resources in products that are selling well.

- Chris Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, Canari Cyclewear



  • Improve business performance from the shop floor to your bottom line.  

    Automate manufacturing processes and gain visibility into all aspects of operations, from order entry to production, warehouse management, and delivery.

  • Provide customers with information they can count on.

    Increase the accuracy of promised orders and respond to customer queries about order status from your Role Centre.

  • Adapt quickly to changing customer demands with agile manufacturing.

    Plan rush orders, make exceptions, and handle last-minute changes to your manufacturing processes with multiple planning options, tracking, and interactive action messages.

  • Open your business to trading partners around the clock.

    Using a Web browser, vendors can manage catalogues, enter drop shipment orders, and maintain delivery dates.


Role Centres
  • Planner, Shop Supervisor, Shop Supervision Manufacturing Foundation, Machine Operator.
Production Management
  • Streamline made-to-order requests and simplify make-or-buy decisions.
  • Modify components and operations as needed, even on released production orders.
  • Plan product family orders that share the same routing for efficient build schedules.
Graphical Scheduling
  • Access an overview of production schedules displayed in Gantt charts and use drag-and-drop functionality to reschedule operations, with changes reflected in the relevant production order.
Order Promising
  • Promise orders with available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP).
Manual Planning
  • Simplify supply planning and make decisions on an order-by-order basis by using an alternative to printed production schedules that is designed for smaller businesses.
Capacity Planning
  • Implement realistic plans according to incoming resource capacity demands, and redefine order modifiers and reorder policies as needed. Accommodate changing shop floor workloads and simplify planning with calendars.
Multiple Costs
  • Manage alternative costs for resources and groups that are fixed or based on an additional percentage or fixed charge, with the ability to define multiple work types.
  • BOM’s, Cost budgeting, Exception handling, Supply planning, Demand forecasting, Machine centre allocation, Warehouse & inventory, Automated data Capture System.


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