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Do you need a Microsoft certified partner to run the implementation process for your business critical software project? How important is it for your partner to understand your business systems, what they mean to you and how to get the most from all the project team and the software manufactures involved?

Topaz has implemented Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and other Business Critical systems successfully for the last 20 years. We have the processes, methodologies and people that can work with you in a way that is both highly efficient and collaborative.


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Topaz take the time early to really understand the outcomes, rather than the outputs, you are looking to achieve. This then sets the framework to progress with certainty.

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Understanding the real outcomes we then work with you to analyse in detail the best way to get there. We jointly sign off these requirements before moving to the design stage.


DESIGN & Development

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Taking the approved functional and non-functional requirements, we can totally design and develop/customise the solution just for you.

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Test, test and test again so when we get to deployment we know exactly how things will go and what to test on-site with you.

ANALYSE Requirements





TEST & Deployment



What do Client say about Topaz Implementation SERVICES …

We chose Topaz Solutions because they had done their homework. They clearly know what they are talking about.

- Alison Molloy, GM Finance & IT

Topaz understands how hard it is to achieve fantastic results when implementing new software to drive and optimise business performance. We will take the time to understand your people, the business drivers and never trivialise important aspects that others might miss.

Our experience has taught us that achieving lasting success for you, also gains a lasting Client for us. Having this at our core means you are in a very safe pair of hands.


One of the implementation methodologies we use and tune for each Client is the Microsoft Sure-Step methodology. This methodology comes complete from Topaz with template artefacts to rapidly progress some items; while identifying those aspects we need to pause, and take stock with you to ensure all steps are done right the first time.

We have a proven track record of successfully using this approach; and more importantly, tailoring this international methodology for New Zealand conditions with New Zealand people for New Zealand Clients and customised to their projects.


Implement technology once and right with Topaz Implementation Services.

For your next software project, select the Topaz Project team and maximise your project’s chances of success in reaching the outcomes you really intended it to achieve.



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