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Jet reports enterprise

Do you need an enterprise business intelligence solution and don’t want to pay huge amounts of money on software licensing, implementation and training your staff?

Jet Enterprise is BI Simplified

Jet Enterprise is a complete Business Intelligence solution that provides the answers to your mission critical questions inside an application that you already know – Excel. With little or no training you can quickly analyse issues from many different perspectives to discover trends in your business. Jet Enterprise provides the strategic information you need to identify opportunities and proactively detect issues before they escalate.



Little or No Training Required

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface inside Excel allows you to visually manipulate data to see the information as you desire.

Immediate Return on Investment

Implement in hours and gain valuable insight into your business from day one.

Business Intelligence and Reporting in one tool

Jet Enterprise complements Jet Reports Essentials to provide a complete solution to your business information needs:

  • Strategic and tactical ad hoc analyses
  • Organisational dashboards
  • Reports can be automatically distributed on daily,weekly or monthly basis

Enterprise business intelligence for Dynamics NAV & CRM.


What companies are saying about Jet Reports ...

Using Jet Reports has changed the way BMW dealers do business. It gives them fast, accurate sales data when they need it, and allows them to make informed decisions that are crucial to their success

- Eric Annot, Business Consultant, BMW Belgium

Get Lightning Quick Answers


Gain a thorough overview of your business. Monitor key indicators across multiple companies and currencies.

  • How are my expenses trending over time?
    • Across multiple companies?
    • In different departments or locations?
  • What is the value of my assets?
    • Across multiple companies and currencies?


Spot trends and changes in your customers’ buying patterns. Adapt your product offerings to changing customer needs.

  • Which product numbers, categories or groups are generating the highest gross margin?
  • Which of my customers have the highest (or lowest) sales, gross margin amount or gross margin percentage?
  • What trends exist in my average sales price (by item, customer, salesperson, country or more)?


Optimise inventory levels by analysing inventory turns, quantity and values.

  • Are my inventory turns increasing or decreasing at each of my locations?
  • What seasonal fluctuations occur by product, category, or location?

Jet Enterprise provides

  • Six pre-defined OLAP cubes designed specifically for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. These cubes include a comprehensive set of dimensions and measures to provide lightning fast and flexible views of:

1. Finance

2. Purchases

3. Inventory 4. Sales
5. Accounts Payable 6. Accounts Receivable


  • A Data Warehouse that is specifically tuned for reporting performance. Key information is brought together to make it simple to retrieve all the information you need.

  • Reports and Dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight into your company immediately.





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