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Contract Management

Do you know what contracts you have and if they are delivering good value for money?

The average New Zealand organisation spends between 60-80% of their expenditure via contracts, yet most organisations find it difficult to trace the day-to-day contract activity in order to receive the contract benefits. Benefits like claiming rebates and volume incentives on time; plus having key information at hand when negotiating renewals and contracts in the first place.

The complexity of contract management often results in companies storing contract information in isolated or offline systems. The Topaz Contract Management module for NAV solves this and the issues detailed above.

The Topaz Contract Management module allows you to:

  • Load contracts including the scanned documents and trace all associated transactions.
  • Maintain your contract register in one place.
  • Understand crucial contract performance information to negotiate better contracts.

Contract Mgmt



A rapid implementation means you are operational within days; and your staff are trained and productive within the week.


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