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NAV annual release cycles and why is using Agile so important?

Agile: an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities in a highly flexible and interactive manner.

As Microsoft invests heavily in Dynamics NAV, we are now on a road of annual release cycles with significant new functions, features and new more-effective ways of conducting business immediately available.

So what’s the catch?

Business are finding it difficult to take advantage of these releases. Mainly due to the construct, or mind-set if you like, that “any upgrade is a large project in its own right”. Traditional Waterfall Project Methodologies do not have the flexibilities required by modern business to be successful here.

And what’s the fix?

While there is no silver bullet to resolve this, one step we see becoming increasingly more important is to build within your business agile project capabilities. These capabilities will allow you as a business to gain the economic and competitive advantages of up taking new functions, features and processes with a lot less effort and disruption.

It is as much a change of mind-set as it is learning new skills.

Agile Method


Andrew Burn - GM Sales and Marketing