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Expense Management Approvalsinvoice approval

Clients are finding paperless Accounts payable automation with Document Capture is an outstanding way to manage your invoice approval workflows. Both to reduce effort and costs and to maximise early payment discounts.

Also avoids invoice double payments and errors

Pre-populated credit-card approvalscredit card

Sick and tired of wasting time chasing employees for their credit-card and expense approvals?

Topaz Clients now have access to a NAV Employee Portal module for both pre-populated credit card expense and an integrated ad-hoc expense module.

The Road to Effectivenessefficient time

It’s amazing how we like things that are familiar.

We have seen Clients sites with Microsoft Dynamics NAV implemented and business processes that haven’t been looked at for over 12 years. These Clients have had staff changes over this period and their business have all transformed in some way. Yet, when it comes to the FMIS and ERP platforms, little changed. Why is this?

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Accounts Payable Document Capture Proving Hugely Popularap doc capture

With more than 650 happy customers, our Document Capture solution has proven to be one of the fastest growing add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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NAV annual release cycles and why is using Agile so important?Agile Method

Agile: an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities in a highly flexible and interactive manner. As Microsoft invests heavily in Dynamics NAV, we are now on a road of annual release cycles with significant new functions, features and new more-effective ways of conducting business immediately available.

So what’s the catch?

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