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Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our Dynamics NAV/BC specialists deliver quality support with industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV support. Quality support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with tailored choices, experienced staff and a broad range of services. Fit for purpose support options• Pay as you...


Choosing an ERP Vendor

As noted in other blogs, we are of the view that when choosing an ERP vendor or solution, the product is the least important consideration in comparison to people and process. An interesting view given we specialise in Microsoft products, the most widely used ERPs on...

Knowledge_What does_‘in the cloud’_mean?

What does ‘in the cloud’ mean?

The phrase cloud is used to describe a situation where programs and data are accessed over the internet. Because the physical location and who controls the programs and data can vary, and the internet makes access available to a range of devices such as smart phones...

Knowledge_The Tender_Process_and_GETS

The Tender Process and GETS

I was perusing a blog on LinkedIn expressing frustration at the government for the tender process it insists on, and it wasn’t until I got three quarters the way through I realised it wasn’t an IT company, rather a civil engineering contractor. It seems us IT types...


The Process of Selecting an ERP

Generally, ERP decisions are justified on ‘overall fit’, which is a euphemism for one of the following: It scored the most points in our comprehensive evaluation check list.It was the consensus decision of our evaluation team.We have no real idea, so have gone with a...


The ERP Reporting Trap

As executive teams are becoming aware of how data visualisations impact decision making, ERP vendors are using dashboard capability as a key selling point. However, a disappointingly high number of ERP implementations don’t live up to the sales hype. Every...

Knowledge_Replace_your_accounting_system_with an_ERP_solution?

Replace your accounting system with an ERP solution?

At start up, a business typically begins with a package to handle basic accounting functions, then as it grows it takes on more staff and starts systemising more aspects of the operation using spreadsheets and specialised programs for functions like price books,...


Dealing with the Pain

Mitigating resistance to change in an ERP implementation. Organisations evolve their business processes around the strengths and weakness of business systems and employees. Because implementing an ERP solution consolidates disparate processes into an integrated...