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Knowledge_What does_‘in the cloud’_mean?

What does ‘in the cloud’ mean?

The phrase cloud is used to describe a situation where programs and data are accessed over the internet. Because the physical location and who controls the programs and data can vary, and the internet makes access available to a range of devices such as smart phones...

Knowledge_The Tender_Process_and_GETS

The Tender Process and GETS

I was perusing a blog on LinkedIn expressing frustration at the government for the tender process it insists on, and it wasn’t until I got three quarters the way through I realised it wasn’t an IT company, rather a civil engineering contractor. It seems us IT types...


The Process of Selecting an ERP

Generally, ERP decisions are justified on ‘overall fit’, which is a euphemism for one of the following: It scored the most points in our comprehensive evaluation check list.It was the consensus decision of our evaluation team.We have no real idea, so have gone with a...