At start up, a business typically begins with a package to handle basic accounting functions, then as it grows it takes on more staff and starts systemising more aspects of the operation using spreadsheets and specialised programs for functions like price books, CRM, asset management, etc.

At some point, prompted by a desire to improve operational efficiency and access to information, someone utters those magic words, ‘we need a better system’.

An ERP solution seeks to integrate the disparate systems and the core accounting function with the goals of improving operational efficiency and management information.

However, not all growing businesses need an ERP system. If the need is solely operational efficiency then it’s possible that improving integration between existing applications might be a better choice. Conversely, if it’s all about better information, then implementing a business intelligence solution with a data warehouse is an option. In both cases the cost and disruption is likely to be substantially less.

If you unsure whether an ERP solution is indeed a better system, here’s a site with some good tips:

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