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Document Capture

How much effort and time goes into re-keying accounts payable documents?  Are you still using internal "snail mail" to get purchase documents approved?

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Expense Management

The average expense report is handled by 4 people. It then takes 27 days for that employee to be reimbursed and costs the company in excess of $55 to fully process the transactions. Do the math on how many expense reports your company processes in a month and see the clear case for automation.

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Contract Management

The average New Zealand organisation spends between 60-80% of their expenditure via contracts, yet most organisations find it difficult to trace day-to-day contract activity in order to receive the contract benefits.  Benefits like claiming rebates and volume incentives on time; plus having key information at hand when negotiating renewals and contracts in the first place.

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How much time does your company spend collating and presenting budgets? Are these an accurate representation to run the business with? How more profitable would you be if these took less time to complete and were more accurate?

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